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Monday, May 10, 2021
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Tag: Extraordinary People

EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE: The Journey to a Perfect Smile

The son of a migrant worker would decide he didn't want to go to school anymore. The father would make him work full time in the fields with him, instead. About three days later the boy was back in school. Our Extraordinary Person of the Week is on 'A Journey to the Perfect Smile'.

EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE: The Prince of Pachinko

The first Pachinko Parlor in the United States was in Carolina Beach many, many moon ago. And it just so happens that our Extraordinary Person of the Week, Leo Daniels, worked there.

EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE: The Great ‘Jake’ Generation

Our Extraordinary Person of the Week is one of those remarkable people who fought for our lives. He resides in Leland now, but back in 1945, Jake Shepherd's home was in the skies above.


"They have given us a life for our son that he would have never had," Alice Brooks said of how TEACCH changed their family's lives.


Wilmington is home to all kinds of art. Theatre, music, paintings, photography, the list simply goes on and on. April 15 and 16 was the first ever Wilmington Arts Summit. One of the leaders behind it is Rhonda Bellamy, our Extraordinary Person of the Week.

EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE: Building a Second Chance

Addiction is a monster. It's not so easy to be productive again after hitting rock bottom because doors don't exactly open easily when you have a troubled past. But we found a guy in Leland who is building a second chance. He helps in a unique way and that makes him our Extraordinary Person of the Week.


How someone deals with adversity says a lot about them. For example, you can miss your ride to work shortly after getting your first job ever and decide to be a no show. Or you can be LaShanda Collins...our Extraordinary Person of the Week.

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