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Farmer recover from crop damage after storm

Tropical Storm Ana probably washed out whatever plans you had last weekend, but could it also put a damper on some of your summer picnic traditions?

More than 4,000 hogs die in Moore County farm

A fire at a farm in Moore County has killed more than 4,000 hogs. WRAL-TV reported the fire started around 11 p.m. Wednesday at a 700-acre farm near Eagle Springs. The station reported that the hogs ranged from 14 to 45 pounds.

Thousands of chickens die in Bertie County fire

Bertie County officials say thousands of chickens were killed in a fire at a farm in Kelford.

Turkey farm in Bladen County looking like a possibility

video The county Health Department says it can't find any reason why a turkey farm would pose a health threat to residents around the proposed site in Dublin.

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