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NC Racial Justice Act hearing delayed to January

A hearing for a Fayetteville man trying to get off death row on the grounds of racial bias has been postponed until January.

Man struck, killed by train in Fayetteville

A man has been killed after he was struck by an Amtrak train in Fayetteville.

Ft. Bragg soldier charged in shooting death

FAYETTEVILLE, NC (AP) -- A Fort Bragg soldier has turned himself in to authorities to face charges in the shooting death of a retired sergeant major in Fayetteville last month.

Fayetteville police remove Tasers for safety check

The Fayetteville Police Department is taking a brand of stun guns off the streets to determine whether it's safe to use after a man died while officers tried to subdue him with an electric shock.

NC man dies after Fayetteville police try arrest

A North Carolina man has died after struggling with Fayetteville police officers who tried to arrest him after witnesses said he was running into traffic.

Military towns lead NC in personal income growth

North Carolina's two largest military bases are providing the economic boost for personal pocketbooks in their hometowns.

Hundreds in NC seek protective hepatitis A vaccine

Hundreds of people are lining up to get vaccines to protect them against Hepatitis A linked to a worker at a Fayetteville restaurant.

New worries about water contamination at NC site

Officials say groundwater contamination from a former textile plant in Fayetteville is three times deeper than they first thought.

Shallotte man charged with sexually abusing Cumberland boy

Investigators with the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office said that Warner dared the child to take off his clothes and run outside naked, then inappropriately touched the boy.

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