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70-acre fire still causing problems

Fire officials say that most of the flames are gone but the smoke won't dissipate anytime soon. The state's Division of Forest Resources says the rain showers over the past few days have done nothing to reduce the smoke, and they can't tell how long it will linger.

Firefighters contain Brunswick County fire

videoFirefighters are still working to put out a fire that broke out Monday night in Brunswick County. The fire has burned nearly 70 acres of forest land near the Lakewood Community in Shallotte.

Brunswick County brush fire erupts days after burning ban lift

Just days after the state lifted its burning ban a brush fire swept through about 50 acres of forest in Brunswick County.

3 teens arrested in Pender High School fire

Three teenagers have been arrested in connection with a fire that caused property damage on the Pender High School campus back in early August.

Apartments under repair after fires

The Canterbury Woods apartment complex is under repair, after a fire there. A fire this past July damaged eight apartments in the complex.

Investigators: Apartment fire could have been prevented

videoInvestigators say the fire started when someone threw a lit cigarette into the mulch near a building at Abbott's Run. But officials say that kind of combustible material shouldn't have been near the building in the first place.

Fire evacuates a dozen Wilmington apartments

videoAt least a dozen apartments were ruined by a fire that tore through a Wilmington complex this afternoon. Some residents of Abbott's Run say the fire ruined practically everything they had. Without renter's insurance, many are left wondering how to replace what the blaze destroyed.

WFD Chief Hill stepping down

There's a major change coming at the top of the Wilmington fire department. Chief Sam Hill is stepping down next March. It will likely mean significant changes, changes that some say are long overdue.

City adds more firefighters

videoThe City of Wilmington will soon be adding more than a dozen new firefighters to its force, but first the men and women have to go through months of rigorous training. That training started Tuesday in the classroom. But in the weeks to come, the rookie firefighters will have to endure much more -- for little money.

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