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Topsail Beach leaders meet to discuss FEMA appeal

videoTopsail Beach town leaders met Wednesday night to talk about a push to appeal FEMA's recent flood rezoning.

Topsail Beach asks for more help to avoid increasing flood insurance

The town of Topsail Beach asks homeowners to continue sending money for an appeal on flood zoning. Last week we told you FEMA proposes changing about 200 homes from Scott to Clark Avenues to a VE flood zone. The town says that could increase those homeowners' flood insurance upwards of five times.

Topsail Beach homeowners facing flood insurance hike

More than 17,000 North Carolina property owners with federal flood insurance face sharp premium increases as the government works to get the flood program back in the black.

2 years later, Congress poised to undo flood law

Lawmakers are poised to undo many of the changes in a bill to overhaul the federal flood insurance program after homeowners in flood-prone areas complained about sharp increases in their premiums.

Spending bill delays some flood insurance hikes

videoHomeowners worried that new federal flood maps will send their flood insurance premiums skyrocketing would get some short-term relief under a provision tucked into a massive government-wide funding bill.

Commissioners move on as Berger misses second meeting since arrest

videoNew Hanover County Commissioners met today for the second time since Brian Berger was arrested again last month for DWI, but there was again an empty seat at the table.

Municipal leaders fight looming flood insurance rate increase

videoJust like the tide the cost of flood insurance is on the rise. The Biggert-Waters Act is set to go into effect Tuesday and town leaders are asking for help to keep their town afloat.

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