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Florida man attacked by bear, gets 41 stitches in face

One South Florida man is thankful to still be alive after losing a boxing match with a bear just steps outside his home.

Florida man calls 911 to report himself drunk driving

Florida authorities are sharing the details of an unusual 911 call on New Year's Eve, from a man who said he wanted to report himself drunk-driving.

Florida man says he punched ATM for giving too much cash

A Florida man told investigators he punched an automatic teller machine because it gave him too much cash.

Police: Castle Hayne man killed in Florida when passenger on drugs wakes up, fires...

A New Hanover County man was shot and killed by his passenger Sunday while headed north on I-95 in Florida after the passenger woke suddenly from a drug-induced stupor and fired without warning, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.

US hiring fell 33,000 in September, depressed by hurricanes

The U.S. shed 33,000 jobs in September because of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, which closed thousands of businesses in Texas and Florida.

Florida attorney general doesn’t want OJ

Florida's attorney general doesn't want O.J. Simpson to return to Florida after he's released from prison in Nevada.
O.J. Simpsonvideo

Attorney: ‘No doubt’ OJ Simpson goes to Florida after prison

O.J. Simpson will live in Florida following his parole from a Nevada prison where he has been held for the past nine years after a robbery conviction, his lawyer said Friday.

Florida woman makes sexy plea for power after Hurricane Irma

A Florida woman had a creative idea to get her power restored. Kynse Leigh is one of thousands of people who lost power when Hurricane Irma hit Florida more than a week ago.

US coastal growth continues despite lessons of past storms

Coastal development destroys natural barriers such as islands and wetlands, promotes erosion and flooding, and positions more buildings and people in the path of future destruction, according to researchers and policy advisers who study hurricanes.

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