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Official: NC General Assembly has zero tolerance policy for sexual harassment

There has been plenty of focus nationally in recent months on sexual harassment in the workplace. It’s impacted the business world, the entertainment world and government.
A federal appeals court panel struck down this NC Congressional district map adopted in 2016 on Jan. 9, 2018.video

GOP vows to fight ruling on North Carolina House districts

A federal court's decision to strike down North Carolina's congressional map has cast uncertainty over the state's 2018 U.S. House races.

North Carolina a leader in state vouchers for private school

More than 30 states now offer some assistance for parents to send their children to private or religious schools or to pay for outside services. But North Carolina, where Democrats prevented such programs for decades, has quickly jumped near the head of the class.

New North Carolina laws address longtime crimes, new tech

Age-old criminal misconduct and challenges from new technology are addressed in that 20 North Carolina laws that take effect partially or in full Friday.
North Carolina map on NC Seal

Redistricting expert: No ‘racial targeting’ in map fixes

The expert who federal judges asked to redraw some North Carolina House and Senate district lines rejects Republican arguments that he set race-based population targets within new boundaries, saying he focused on other redistricting criteria instead.
Gov. Roy Cooper

NC appeals court: Lawmakers can OK governor’s top aides

A North Carolina appeals court agrees that state lawmakers can have the last word on confirming Gov. Roy Cooper's top aides.

Ethics complaint questions motives in funding for potential Pender County aquarium

The complaint names sate leaders involved in appropriating the funds for the aquarium.

General Assembly panel meets on school funding methods

North Carolina's complicated formulas that send billions of dollars annually to the public schools are supposed to get overhauled by a special committee now starting up.

NC lawmakers hear from researchers about GenX

On Thursday, the House Select Committee on North Carolina River Quality met at the General Assembly to hear directly from researchers and state officials dealing with the issue.

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