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Friday, July 23, 2021
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CFPUA Board approves rate hike

The Cape Fear Public Utility Authority Board of Directors today approved its budget for the next fiscal year including a water rate hike.

Businesses stay busy over toxic tap water fears

Following the StarNews investigation on GenX found in the Cape Fear River, the biggest of the several unanswered questions is whether our water is safe to drink.

Pender County responds to reports of GenX in water

The Pender County Board of Commissioners  is working with the EPA, state, and local officials to monitor the possible impacts of GenX found in the Cape Fear River.

NC DHHS: GenX would pose low risk based on 2013-2014 level in Cape Fear River

After a week of uncertainty amid myriad questions about the safety of the drinking water in southeastern North Carolina, there may be some good news today.

Brunswick County Health Services responds to GenX concerns

Brunswick County Health Services is responding to reports of GenX in the water supply, which has raised questions about safety.

Details of closed meeting with GenX maker slow to come together

Details about a meeting between local leaders and the company at the center of concerns over the safety of the drinking water in southeastern North Carolina have been slow to come together.

CFPUA learned about GenX in Cape Fear River in November

The Cape Fear Public Utility Authority found out about the toxin GenX in the area's water supply in November.

Cape Fear Riverkeeper responds to report of toxin in area water supply

The Cape Fear Riverkeeper is responding to a recent report about a toxin found in the area's drinking water.

State regulators to CFPUA: Waiting for EPA on water toxin concerns

State regulators are waiting to hear from their federal counterparts after reports of a toxin linked to cancer and other illnesses was found in the region's drinking water supply.

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Search for bodies concludes at Florida condo collapse site

Firefighters have officially ended their search for bodies in the debris of the collapsed Surfside condo building.

Wilmington Police investigating shooting on Metting Road

A Wilmington Police spokesman said officers responded to a call about a shooting in the 3600 block of Metting Road just before 3 p.m. this afternoon.

Pender County Schools removes mask mandate this fall

Students in Pender County will not be required to wear mask this fall.

Mt. Calvary Center for Leadership Development is Jammin’ by the River

Mt. Calvary Center for Leadership Development is holding it's President's Club Charity Dinner and Soiree by the River on July 31 to bring together donors, community leaders, and the public to celebrate a year of success.