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What Did We Miss about coronavirus?

We look at how different people are responding to the crisis. For example... men are washing their hands now.

What Did We Miss? College basketball game ends with two insane buzzer beaters

Grace College's half-court shot tied it but Taylor U answered with a full-court shot PLUS "Snacks" makes his collegiate debut. Featuring special guest WWAY Sports Director Tanner Barth.

What Did We Miss? Man offers $25,000 to whoever can find him a girlfriend

Jeff Gebhart is looking for a mate and he's using the two most romantic things ever: analytics and money.

What Did We Miss? Man lights joint in court while facing marijuana charges

One man has a bizarre legal strategy PLUS Meet Ben Afquack, the drumming duck.

What Did We Miss? Scientists discover four new species of walking sharks

Sharks are walking! They're walking in the sea! They're walking on land! They're walking in the skies... ok, not the skies but the sea and land are still impressive.

What Did We Miss? Scientists put 3D glasses on cuttlefish… for science reasons

We now know more about cuttlefish's depth perception PLUS Samsung introduces a weirdly human chatbot.

What Did We Miss? $2000 shark decoration stolen from lawn

One man's prized fiberglass fish was poached PLUS the amazing offers a Best Buy employee got after tackling a shoplifter.

What Did We Miss? Store manager catches baby falling off counter

A pawn shop manager's quick reflexes are caught on camera PLUS have you ever seen an eagle fight an octupus?

Best of ‘What Did We Miss?’ 2019

Take a look at your favorite weird news stories of 2019!

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