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Saturday, April 17, 2021
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Tag: Good Morning Carolina

What Did We Miss? Scientists discover nightmare planet that’s covered in lava and rains rocks

K2-141b should not top anyone's travel destinations PLUS you won't need headphones with a new device that beams sound directly to your head.

Holiday cooking with Chef Dean Neff: After-holiday bourbon and Cheerwine cocktail

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Now that the long holiday weekend is over, you might enjoy a little liquid refreshment to help you take the...

What Did We Miss? Poo turned into electricity at Australian power plant

No waste is wasted at a new power plant PLUS check out this hyper-realistic robot dolphin.

What Did We Miss? Nigerian artist uses fabric scraps to make portraits

Marcellina Akpojotor doesn't let Ankara fabric go to waste PLUS an unmanned boat speeds right at a Florida dock.

What Did We Miss? Angry customer throws chairs inside Subway

One Subway customer files a performative complaint PLUS check out the world's fastest wheelchair!

What Did We Miss? Truck hauling 260 kilos of meth crashes into police cars

A drug courier might have gotten away if they had hit any other car PLUS what would you rather give up for a month? Your phone or your dog?

What Did We Miss? Pilots at LAX report seeing a man in a jetpack

One man boldly goes where no one ever should PLUS we have a look at a flying car!

What Did We Miss? Tokyo parks unveil transparent public bathrooms

They're public. They're see-through. They're bathrooms. Check out how they're still private PLUS murder hornets!

What Did We Miss? Tourist breaks toes off 200-year-old statue

One man got a little too comfy in an Italian museum PLUS scientists are creating an artificial skin that can feel.

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Pender County couple describes rabid bobcat attack

A rabid bobcat attack in Pender County has gone viral online, and now the victims of the attack are sharing their story.

Raul Castro resigns as Communist chief, ending era in Cuba

Castro made the announcement Friday in a speech at the opening of the Eighth congress of the ruling party, the only one allowed on the island.

Rabid bobcat attack in Burgaw

WWAY will have much more on this story in an exclusive interview later tonight.