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What Did We Miss? LAPD arrests scooter-riding burglary crew

Burglars are using rideshare scooters as getaway vehicles but we should be more concerned about the guy selling horse poop in a jar.

What Did We Miss? Man assaults coworker for spoiling Avengers

#DontSpoilTheEndgame unless you feel like testing your coworkers. Also, have you ever seen the Easter Bunny in a street fight?

What Did We Miss? Scientists use animal tissue to create lab-grown meat

This week we look at lab-grown meat AND check out the world's youngest DJ.

What Did We Miss? Nothing. We missed nothing.

WWAY has not been missing stories. That's great news... unless you're Wills.

What Did We Miss? Craigslist ad posted for prosthetic leg found at liquor store

A Sacramento woman wants to unload the prosthetic leg she found PLUS you ever seen a water opera? Do you want to?

What Did We Miss? Man steals $122M from Facebook, Google by asking for it

This week we got an invoice scam that somehow worked and a woman takes an ambulance for a joyride.

What Did We Miss? ‘Flintstone House’ angers neighbors and town officials

California residents don't want to live in Bedrock ALSO meet the Lewis Hamilton of pigeons. What do you mean 'who's Lewis Hamilton?'

What Did We Miss? A Disney-inspired town with 732 castles sits abandoned

An expensive town in Turkey has no residents PLUS watch these skiers rappel from a zeppelin. It's like a James Bond movie without the CGI.

What Did We Miss? Man debates AI machine and wins

IBM's "Project Debater" met its match but also... guys, it was a talking, thinking robot. Pretty impressive.

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