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Saturday, July 31, 2021
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Tag: Good Morning Carolina

What Did We Miss? UPDATE: ‘Flintstone House’ angers neighbors and town officials

It's time for UPDATES! Learn what happened to the couple getting fined $100/day for their paint job PLUS is the owner of the Flintstone home having a gay old time?

What Did We Miss? Update: Clown motel next to cemetery up for sale

This week we get updates on two bizarre properties for sale, a mannequin-filled mansion and a clown-themed motel.

What Did We Miss? Giant asteroid wearing “face mask” flies by Earth

Someone must have told the 1998 OR2 asteroid about Earth PLUS Raduan Circus in Brazil took its show to the internet!

What Did We Miss? Man struck by lightning while on Facebook Live

Aumauinuuese Puni's livestream was more electrifying than he intended PLUS 200 kilos of drugs found hidden in tomato cans.

What Did We Miss? UPDATE: Thief grabs $1.6M in gold from armored truck

We take a stroll down memory lane and get updates on Julio Nivelo, the opportunist gold thief PLUS the Jetpack Racing League.

What Did We Miss? Bill Gates steps down from Microsoft’s Board

An 18-wheeler carrying toilet paper crashed and burned PLUS Bill Gates (actually Mat Millner) stops by to discuss leaving Microsoft.

What Did We Miss about coronavirus?

We look at how different people are responding to the crisis. For example... men are washing their hands now.

What Did We Miss? College basketball game ends with two insane buzzer beaters

Grace College's half-court shot tied it but Taylor U answered with a full-court shot PLUS "Snacks" makes his collegiate debut. Featuring special guest WWAY Sports Director Tanner Barth.

What Did We Miss? Man offers $25,000 to whoever can find him a girlfriend

Jeff Gebhart is looking for a mate and he's using the two most romantic things ever: analytics and money.

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WPD: Man arrested after fleeing from officers

A man is being held on a more than $1,000,000 bond after Wilmington Police arrested him Thursday night.

Local summer camp has kids learning video game history

It's not your typical summer camp, but it's one that keeps these kid's heads in the game.

Victims identified in 13th St. shooting

Police say these women were completely innocent, with no gang ties.

Beloved postal worker retires after delivering three decades of smiles

Residents of the Echo Farms community bid farewell to a beloved postal worker who retired after three decades of service on Friday afternoon.