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What Did We Miss? Air Force warns people not to raid Area 51

People are joking about storming Area 51 and the U.S. government is not laughing PLUS meth gators!

What Did We Miss? 4-year-old steals car to go get candy

A kid put action to his Reese's craving PLUS a winemaker ages their product underwater

What Did We Miss? Police Department unveils new ‘Robocop’

HP Robocop is a webcam on wheels and a sworn officer of the law PLUS Ikea is offering you a chance to research happiness.

What Did We Miss? Lock of Beethoven’s hair sells for over $44,000

Someone really wanted a piece of the German composer PLUS check out this office chair race.

What Did We Miss? Athletes compete in Wisconsin cornhole tournament

We've talked about the Wisconsin horseshoe championship so of course we can't miss the cornhole tournament. Unwanted guest John Parson drops in.

What Did We Miss? LAPD arrests scooter-riding burglary crew

Burglars are using rideshare scooters as getaway vehicles but we should be more concerned about the guy selling horse poop in a jar.

What Did We Miss? Man assaults coworker for spoiling Avengers

#DontSpoilTheEndgame unless you feel like testing your coworkers. Also, have you ever seen the Easter Bunny in a street fight?

What Did We Miss? Scientists use animal tissue to create lab-grown meat

This week we look at lab-grown meat AND check out the world's youngest DJ.

What Did We Miss? Nothing. We missed nothing.

WWAY has not been missing stories. That's great news... unless you're Wills.

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