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Historic grounds reopens after shutdown

Moores Creek National Battlefield in Pender County draws more than 70,000 visitors each year. But, the government shutdown closed our area's only national park for more than a month. Today, that changed. 

Moores Creek National Battlefield to reopen this week

The park's visitor center will reopen Tuesday resuming their regular schedule.

As government reopens, economy likely to resume solid pace

The U.S. economy will likely resume its steady growth now that the government has reopened, though economists say some scars - for the nation and for federal workers - will take time to heal.

TSA wife reacts to federal government reopening

The government shutdown is over for at least the next three weeks, as debates continue over border security funding.

Staffing issues in northeastern airports impact ILM travel times

Absent air traffic controllers at major airports in the northeast had an impact on travelers at Wilmington International Airport.

Trump signs bill to end government shutdown

President Donald Trump has signed a bill that temporarily opens the federal government for three weeks, ending the longest shutdown in U.S. history at 35 days.

FAA: Increase in sick leave causing flight delays

The Federal Aviation Administration reported delays in air travel Friday because of a "slight increase in sick leave" at two East Coast air traffic control facilities.
American Airlines jets on the runway at Wilmington International Airport. (Photo: WWAY)

Flights delayed, including at ILM, as air traffic controller absences mount

A few flights at Wilmington International Airport are among the delays.

Shutdown could put brakes on Wave Transit services, Multimodal Center construction

A vital part of public transportation across the Cape Fear could cease unless federal dollars are restored.

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