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WATCH: Fishermen catch 13-foot great white shark off Florida coast

Several South Florida fisherman out with a charter group reeled in a pretty big catch to ring in 2020.

Researchers say 13-foot shark bitten by even bigger shark

Researchers say they've come across a nearly 13-foot great white shark with teeth marks on its jaw and head. They say it was likely bitten by an even bigger shark.

2,000-pound great white shark ‘pinged’ near Outer Banks

A recently tagged great white shark “pinged” off the coast of the Outer Banks Tuesday morning.

Great white shark tracked in Long Island Sound for ‘first time ever’

A great white shark that was tagged last year off Nova Scotia was detected in Long Island Sound on Monday just days after being spotted off the North Carolina coast.

Researchers come face to face with huge great white shark

Two shark researchers who came face to face with what could be one of the largest great whites ever recorded are using their encounter as an opportunity to push for legislation that would protect sharks in Hawaii.

Great white shark death investigation turns criminal

An investigation into why a great white shark washed ashore dead on an California beach has now turned into a criminal investigation.

White sharks ping off the Carolina coast

They're coming back! A few white sharks have recently been spotted off the coast of North Carolina.

Baby great white pings off Topsail Island coast

A baby great white shark “pinged” off the coast of Topsail Island Tuesday afternoon.

Tagged great white shark missing from scans since June

A 3,500-pound great white shark made famous online has vanished from electronic monitoring. News outlets reports no one has seen or heard from Mary Lee since her transmitter's last ping in June.

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