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North Carolina man sets Guinness World Record with bubbles

The record marked the man's seventh Guinness World Record.

Brazilian sets women’s world record by surfing 68-foot wave

A Brazilian surfed a 68-foot wave and placed her name in the record books.

Drones grounded at opening ceremony, but not on tape delay

An army of high-flying drones expected to light up the sky at the opening ceremony of the Olympics was grounded.

28-toed Minnesota cat ties world record

"Paws" the cat has three extra toes on each forepaw and a one extra on each back paw, tying the world record of 28 toes.

WATCH: New Guinness World Records set

Always looking up for the next big thing, the Harlem Globetrotters took their shot-making skills to new heights to set another Guinness World Record.

WATCH: Man sets new world record covered in bees

A new Guinness world record has been set, and all it took was one man and a swarm of bees.

Kure Beach surfer plans to set Guinness World Record

video A Kure Beach surfer plans to beat a Guinness World Record this weekend. Last year Ben Shaw beat a North Carolina record after surfing every single day for 439 days. Now he wants to try for a different title.

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