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Friday, September 25, 2020
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Tag: Guinness World Record

Body by burpees: Raleigh firefighter sets Guinness World Record

A Raleigh firefighter is an unofficial Guinness World Record holder, pending paperwork.

North Carolina man sets Guinness World Record with bubbles

The record marked the man's seventh Guinness World Record.

Brazilian sets women’s world record by surfing 68-foot wave

A Brazilian surfed a 68-foot wave and placed her name in the record books.

Drones grounded at opening ceremony, but not on tape delay

An army of high-flying drones expected to light up the sky at the opening ceremony of the Olympics was grounded.

28-toed Minnesota cat ties world record

"Paws" the cat has three extra toes on each forepaw and a one extra on each back paw, tying the world record of 28 toes.

WATCH: New Guinness World Records set

Always looking up for the next big thing, the Harlem Globetrotters took their shot-making skills to new heights to set another Guinness World Record.

WATCH: Man sets new world record covered in bees

A new Guinness world record has been set, and all it took was one man and a swarm of bees.

Kure Beach surfer plans to set Guinness World Record

video A Kure Beach surfer plans to beat a Guinness World Record this weekend. Last year Ben Shaw beat a North Carolina record after surfing every single day for 439 days. Now he wants to try for a different title.

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Wilmington start-up gets $276K research grant for device to help recovering opioid users

A Wilmington-based start up company has joined the fight against opioid addiction, and celebrated one of its first milestones Thursday.

Local seniors to be featured in Wilmington ’60 strong’ Calendar

In a partnership with Wilmington Health, 12 seniors from across the area have been chosen to appear as pin ups in the 2021 Wilmington 60 Strong Calendar. 

Local protesters march for ‘justice’ and ‘change’ after ruling in Breonna Taylor’s death

There were protests in Louisville and across the country overnight following the ruling in the death of Breonna Taylor. A protest is happening in downtown Wilmington.

Trump promoting health care ‘vision’ in swing state NC

President Donald Trump is laying out his health care agenda Thursday amid a global pandemic and growing uncertainty about the future of the Affordable Care Act, the Obama-era law he vowed to replace with a much better plan, but never did.