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Sandy Hook Scales of Justicevideo

Is gun-maker liable for Newtown? Court takes up the case

The case is being watched by gun rights supporters and gun control advocates across the country as one that could set a precedent in cases accusing gun-makers of being responsible for mass shootings.

The Latest: Guns-rights group: Charlotte people can be armed

The mayor of Charlotte says the city is considering a curfew after two nights of violence in the wake of the shooting of a black man by police.

Signs banning guns come down in Raleigh parks

Officials in Raleigh are removing park signs that ban concealed weapons, but a gun rights group says the effort doesn't go far enough.

Gun rights groups threatens Raleigh with lawsuit

A gun rights group is threatening to sue the city of Raleigh for not updating signs in city parks telling visitors that firearms aren't allowed.

Gun rights resolution approved by NC House

A North Carolina House debate on a resolution backing constitutional gun rights prompted concerns from Democrats who argued that it criticized national leaders for proposing rules the resolution says would infringe on those rights.

Brunswick Co. Sheriff responds to questions about 2nd amendment

Brunswick County Sheriff John Ingram is joining the growing chorus of law enforcement leaders around our area and across the country in responding to concerns from gun owners about second amendment rights.

Gun supporters expected at NC General Assembly

A gun-rights organization is reminding North Carolina lawmakers its members believe in the right to bear arms and they shouldn't attempt to pass legislation that narrows the freedom.

Bill would let permit holders take guns into restaurants with alcohol

video How well do guns and alcohol mix? A new bill in the General Assembly would allow people with concealed carry permits into restaurants where alcohol is served.

ONLY ON 3: Gun shop says Time Warner Cable anti-gun policy violating rights

video A local gun store says a cable company is violating its rights. Surf City Guns and Ammo had been running commercials on Time Warner Cable. Now, the company will not allow the small business to run the ads it wants.

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