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Wednesday, September 30, 2020
Tags Gun Violence

Tag: Gun Violence

Wilmington gun sales and conceal carry permits skyrocket

Wilmington guns are flying off the shelves and courses are filling up months in advance. There's not denying something's in the air. But why?

Wilmington police announce plan to address uptick in gun violence

Members of the Wilmington Police Department presented the gun violence reduction plan at the city council agenda briefing Monday morning.

Wilmington Police to present new plans to City Council to combat gun violence

While certain crimes have been down during the pandemic, Wilmington Police have seen a recent uptick in violent crimes in Wilmington.

‘We’re tired of the violence’: Friends remember shooting victim as he is laid to rest

Funeral services were held for Shawn Grady, 50, in Wilmington on Saturday.

Wilmington Police stop potential shooting near homicide victim’s funeral

Wilmington Police officers were able to stop a potential shooting Saturday at a homicide victim's funeral.

More than 140 shooting incidents reported in Wilmington last year

The number of homicides was down in the city of Wilmington in 2019, but gun violence was up, according to the Wilmington Police Department.

10 shootings in two weeks: WPD ramps up patrols

Officers have investigated 10 shootings in the City of Wilmington in just the past two weeks. Now Wilmington Police are taking their case to the public.

El Paso Walmart to reopen with memorial to mass shooting victims

The El Paso Walmart where 22 people were killed and dozens others were injured in a mass shooting will reopen in the next few months, officials said Thursday.

Trump wants to bring back mental institutions to address mass shootings

President Trump says he wants to reopen mental institutions as a way to address mass shootings, an idea he pushed twice Thursday and has floated before.

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First debate descends into chaos as Trump and Biden exchange attacks

The first presidential debate between President Trump and Joe Biden featured a chaotic series of bitter exchanges and name-calling, with the president repeatedly speaking over his Democratic rival and the moderator struggling to maintain control of the 90-minute affair.

Wilmington neighborhood says farewell to longtime UPS driver

One Wilmington area UPS driver has spent the past two decades serving the people of the Cape Fear. As his time in the position comes to an end, the community around him is showing their thanks.  

NHRMC Partnership Advisory Group votes in favor of Novant sale agreement

The Partnership Advisory Group, tasked with exploring the future of New Hanover Regional Medical Center, has voted in favor of a final purchase agreement with Novant Health.

‘We’ll still have wine’: Local impacts of fires in wine country and COVID restrictions

More fires erupted again in California on Sunday. Quickly spreading to the heart of Napa Valley, striking fear in the state's famed wine country.