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Tuesday, August 3, 2021
Tags Gun Violence

Tag: Gun Violence

Police arrest man they say shot at several people on porch Friday

videoWilmington Police arrested a man they say shot at several people standing on the front porch of their home Friday night.

Chief says WPD made a mistake handing over 2013 deputy shooting investigation to Sheriff’s dept.

video In a convention today between local religious leaders and the Wilmington Police Department, Chief Ralph Evangelous said there were many lessons learned, one of those involving future practices for incidents like last year's deputy shooting.

Teen hit by bullet during drive-by shooting in Wilmington

Wilmington Police are investigating a drive-by shooting after they say a teenage girl was hit by a bullet.

Community gang forums end, but what’s next?

video After a summer of violence Wilmington City Leaders decided a community effort was needed to try and end gang violence, but after six meetings in four months some are asking when we are going to start seeing results.

Reports of shots fired near school

videoThere are reports of shots fired near a middle school around 10:15 Thursday evening.

WPD: Shootout at nightclub may be retaliation after earlier dispute

Police are investigating a shootout that happened just outside a Wilmington nightclub, where they say bullet holes were found in the side of the club's private building while customers were inside. Lt. Blanton says investigators believe the shootout is likely some sort of retaliation related to a call they responded to earlier last night.

Community leaders search for solutions to gun violence

videoLess than one month after the end of a 90-day cease fire initiative, shootings continue in the Port City. Just minutes after a news conference by the city and county yesterday on fighting gang violence, more shots were fired. So again, community leaders are stepping up, speaking out, and trying to make a difference by stopping the gun violence.

Sheriff promises to end violence after deputy shooting

video For the first time in nearly a decade a New Hanover County Sheriff’s deputy was shot in the line of duty, and now Sheriff Ed McMahon is vowing to bring an end to the crime wave sweeping through the area.

Community members march to end violence

videoDrugs, gangs, and violence take the lives of innocent people each year, and Wilmington residents are fed up. Members of the community marched through some of the local housing projects this weekend to raise awareness about gun violence, and to expose their frustration.

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