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H2Go candidate forum surrounded debate of multi-million dollar reverse osmosis plant

Who wins reelection to the board could be the public's mandate on the matter of a reverse osmosis plant.
Candidates forum held at Leland Town Hall on Oct. 19, 2016. (Photo: Sarah Johnson/WWAY)

Submit your questions as Leland, H2Go candidates meet for forum tonight

With less than five weeks until Election Day, voters in northern Brunswick County get a chance to hear from candidates tonight, and more forums are planned for other parts of the county later this month.

H2Go warns of possible scam targeting customers

H2GO is alerting its customers of a possible scam.
GenX Forum Logovideo

GenX Forum focuses on Brunswick County concerns

As worries about GenX in the region's water supply continue, WWAY and its media partners are holding another forum; this time to address concerns in Brunswick County.

H2Go proposed Reverse Osmosis plant creating political divide

Not everyone is on-board with H2Go's plan to build its Reverse Osmosis plant, it is a hot topic that has stirred up controversy across Brunswick County for years.

Reverse osmosis supporters continue to raise awareness for H2GO plant

A H2Go meeting held Tuesday night in Leland allowed supporters to voice why building the new plant would be good for the area.
Drinking watervideo

Brunswick County water company drafting advisory for its customers about GenX

While questions still need to be answered about the GenX contamination of the Cape Fear River, one local water company is exploring the option of telling its customers to avoid drinking the water.
Belville Commissionersvideo

Belville commissioners wants reverse osmosis plant

The Belville Board of Commissioners wanted the public to know that they are concerned, too.
Commissioner Frank Williamsvideo

Citizens concerned about water quality in Leland

A possible solution to filtering out GenX is reverse osmosis, which has had its own controversy in Leland. That is where H2GO requested to build a reverse osmosis water plant.

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