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H2Go proposed Reverse Osmosis plant creating political divide

Not everyone is on-board with H2Go's plan to build its Reverse Osmosis plant, it is a hot topic that has stirred up controversy across Brunswick County for years.

Reverse osmosis supporters continue to raise awareness for H2GO plant

A H2Go meeting held Tuesday night in Leland allowed supporters to voice why building the new plant would be good for the area.
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Brunswick County water company drafting advisory for its customers about GenX

While questions still need to be answered about the GenX contamination of the Cape Fear River, one local water company is exploring the option of telling its customers to avoid drinking the water.
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Belville commissioners wants reverse osmosis plant

The Belville Board of Commissioners wanted the public to know that they are concerned, too.
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Citizens concerned about water quality in Leland

A possible solution to filtering out GenX is reverse osmosis, which has had its own controversy in Leland. That is where H2GO requested to build a reverse osmosis water plant.

H2GO: Leland’s resolution to delay Reverse Osmosis plant ‘borderline political negligence’

Leland Town Council voted to adopt a resolution last night asking H2GO to delay plans for its new Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant. In an emailed statement, H2Go's Executive Director Bob Walker says the company is disappointed with the decision.  
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Area leaders meet with GenX maker Chemours; protestors rally outside

A meeting is underway between local leaders and the maker of the chemical compound that has many in southeastern North Carolina worried about the safety of our drinking water.

Breaking down how reverse osmosis works

Reverse Osmosis is a hot topic among many people across the Cape Fear right now. Reports say it is the only way to completely filter out GenX.
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State regulators to CFPUA: Waiting for EPA on water toxin concerns

State regulators are waiting to hear from their federal counterparts after reports of a toxin linked to cancer and other illnesses was found in the region's drinking water supply.

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