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Saturday, April 17, 2021
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Locals get their last minute groceries for Thanksgiving

More shoppers than ever are ordering their groceries online, opting out of the crowded stores and for a scheduled pickup time.

128 people sick from sushi sold at NC Harris Teeter locations

Health officials say 85 households and 128 people have been or are still currently sick from AFC sushi purchased from Concord Harris Teeter stores.

Health officials say multiple people sick from sushi

Health officials say the sushi was sold at two Harris Teeter grocery stores in Concord.

Several people reportedly ill after eating sushi sold at 2 NC Harris Teeters

Several people are sick after eating sushi sold at two Concord Harris Teeter stores, according to Cabarrus County health officials.

Mask dispute at local store leads to man being charged with assault

Tensions were high in a Wilmington grocery store as a man can be seen on video yelling at a woman for not wearing a face mask.

Commissioner Barfield asks why grocery store isn’t following governor’s recommendations

Governor Roy Cooper recommended stores mark designated entrances and exits. As well as directional arrows in the store to keep customers moving in one direction and prevent crowded aisles.

Harris Teeter changes store hours amid the coronavirus

Harris Teeter has announced that their stores will be closing early each night in efforts to battle the spread of COVID-19.

State appeals court sides with Town of Carolina Beach over permit

The long drawn-out legal battle between a proposed Harris Teeter and the Town of Carolina Beach may be over, after the NC Court of Appeals sided with a lower court's ruling over a permit the Town of Carolina Beach issued to the developer of a competing grocery store.

Hummus voluntarily recalled over listeria concerns

If you usually have hummus on your grocery list, you might want to check your refrigerators.

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3 protesters arrested after Asheville disbands homeless camp

Asheville is shutting down numerous homeless camps in the city where it has received reports of fighting and drug use. The city said it is working to provide alternate shelter.

Panel signs off on Duke Energy orders on rates, coal ash

The final rate increases haven't been finalized.

Garland rescinds Trump-era memo curtailing consent decrees

Garland issued a new memorandum to all U.S. attorneys and other Justice Department leaders spelling out the new policies on civil agreements and consent decrees with state and local governments.

Liberty sues Jerry Falwell Jr., seeking millions in damages

The complaint filed Thursday alleges breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty and statutory conspiracy.