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Wind project restrictions time-limited in NC Senate bill

Legislation that would have blocked for good new wind turbine projects across much of eastern North Carolina in the name of preserving military installations has been narrowed to a three-year pause.
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NC revenue surplus lowered slightly, still largest in years

Much of the surge in North Carolina income tax collections this spring can't be counted on to repeat in 2020 and 2021, state government economists said Tuesday. That could limit options on further spending or tax breaks in the upcoming two-year budget.

North Carolina may ban wind power near coast, military flights

North Carolina could permanently ban big wind-power projects from the most energy intensive parts of the state's Atlantic coast, but a state senator said Wednesday the move is necessary to prevent hindering military training flights.
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Cooper administration refusing to let workers be interviewed

Gov. Roy Cooper's administration has told workers not to speak with an outside investigator from the General Assembly tasked with reviewing a side deal Cooper made with developers of a natural gas pipeline.

Governor Cooper faces dilemma with wind farm

Energy legislation on North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper's desk presents him with a decision that could force him to choose between buttressing the state's bright solar industry and nurturing its nascent wind power business.
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Republican leaders aim for NC budget votes next week

Republicans on both ends of the Legislative Building are optimistic that a final North Carolina state budget is just around the corner.

Legislative leaders: North Carolina budget deal within reach

Top General Assembly leaders say they're very close to a final North Carolina budget deal that would end a stalemate that began in June.

McCrory draws heat from GOP over planned sales tax bill veto

Gov. Pat McCrory says he will veto a Senate bill to redistribute more sales dollars to rural North Carolina counties, a promise which prompted a bitter response from the bill's Republican sponsor.

House OKs NC gov’t spending plan while awaiting budget deal

Republican leaders in the General Assembly have tentatively agreed on a stopgap measure that dictates how North Carolina's government should keep spending as budget negotiations go into overtime.

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