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Cut the fat by replacing a few ingredients

Cutting the fat and calories from your diet is not always easy, but dietitians say replacing a couple of ingredients can make all the difference.

It is officially flu season. How can you prevent getting sick?

videoExperts News Channel 3 spoke with said a surge in flu cases will happen in just a couple of weeks, so prepare now to stay healthy.

State begins offering riskiest health coverage

A state-sponsored insurance pool that offers coverage to the riskiest patients is beginning operations.

Reasons to not delay your child’s vaccinations

The Childhood Vaccine Schedule has just been updated, and pediatricians are warning parents that they should not delay their children's vaccinations.

The benefits of an extra hour sleep and vitamin D

Thinking about New Year's resolutions for 2009? Why not vow to get more sleep? And if you're thinking about getting pregnant, you may want to ask your doctor about vitamin D.

Are whole grains part of your diet?

Research has proven whole grains are part of a healthy diet, but still many of us don't eat nearly enough.

North Carolina in the bottom third for health ranking

videoIt is not just the state's mental health programs pulling down the state's overall health ranking. For the 2nd year in a row we are rated 36th in the nation; in the bottom third of all states.

College students may be wise to get a flu shot

The annual flu shot isn't specifically recommended for college students, but a new study shows they would be wise to get one anyway.

Cases of whooping cough on the rise in several NC counties

Cases of pertussis, or whooping cough, are on the rise in several counties in North Carolina. There are two in Durham County, seven in Orange and one in Chatham. Now health officials across the heart of Carolina are warning everyone, especially children to watch out.

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