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NC lawmakers commit $50 million to build leading cancer center

Certain names inspire hope for cancer patients: Johns Hopkins. Sloan-Kettering. North Carolina lawmakers want to add another: Lineberger.

Healthy, low-fat diet helps fight colon cancer

Previous research has found connections between a meat- and fat-heavy western diet and heart disease, diabetes and breast cancer. Now, it's been linked to colon cancer. A new study reveals a healthy low-fat diet can make a difference even after you've been diagnosed.

Local stores selling recalled canned meat

There could be a danger still lurking in your local grocery store. The New Hanover County Health Department says some area stores have been selling recalled canned meat linked to an outbreak of botulism.

New clinical trials using electricity to zap cancer

New clinical trials at 12 major hospitals around the country are using electricity to zap cancer cells. One study participant who a year ago was given only six months to live.

Five simple health measures could save lives

The American health care system is often criticized for placing too much emphasis on disease treatment and less effort on disease prevention. But preventing disease can have a big payoff, according to a new study.

Cape Fear Hospital celebrates 50th anniversary

Half a century ago Cape Fear Memorial Hospital opened its doors to provide health care to residents in our area. Since then, it has grown to become one of the top orthopedic hospitals in the country.

Southeast N.C. under heat advisory Monday

Southeast North Carolina was under a heat advisory until six p.m. Monday. Experts say 175 people die from heat-related illnesses each year. With our area under a heat advisory, people need to take extra precaution.

African-American women more likely to die from breast cancer

African-American women as a group fare less well than white women when it comes to breast cancer. Recent research shows that while African-American women are less likely to get breast cancer than Caucasian women, they are more likely to die from it.

North Carolina mental health facilities short on space, squeezing hospitals

Shrinking capacity and growing demand have increasingly squeezed North Carolina hospitals looking to transfer mental health patients into psychiatric facilities.

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