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Thursday, August 5, 2021
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Chance of survival depends on EMT’s training

The level of a paramedics' training may mean difference between life and death. If a loved one is having trouble breathing, you immediately call an ambulance. But the chances of survival may depend on the type of EMT who responds.

Hysterectomy and Side Effects

Fifty-one-year-old Angela Wheeler had her reproductive organs removed ten years ago. Now she says she can never be happy again. Wheeler wishes she knew of her other treatment options before the hysterectomy

Are working mothers responsible for overweight kids?

It's not new news that kids in this country are getting fatter. There's an interesting new theory about why it's happening. Could working mothers be responsible for kids gaining too much weight?

Pender Memorial Hospital going smoke free

Effective November 15, all tobacco products will be banned from the hospital campus.

Americans confused over cancer causes

It seems like every day there's a new study linking a type of food, household product or chemical to an increased risk of cancer. A new survey of more than 6,000 people finds Americans feel helpless in the wake of the mixed messages about cancer.

Rural hospitals suffering from lack of money

It's a problem facing many rural hospitals in North Carolina: not enough money. And it's forcing them to look for solutions. Now one local hospital is taking action. The Bladen County Hospital may have to close its doors for good unless it affiliates with another health care organization.

FDA suggests stockpiling avian flu vaccine

There have been 160 cases of bird flu worldwide and experts on the avian flu say it's not a question of if there will be a pandemic, but when. Wednesday the US Food and Drug administration panel recommended stockpiling the bird flu vaccine.

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New Hanover Wildcats ready to right ship after below average spring season

The New Hanover Wildcats finished a football season with a record of .500 or worse for the first time in a decade in the pandemic-shortened season of the spring of 2021.

UNCW says no students have tried using fake vaccine cards to bypass testing requirements

As administrators prepare for the upcoming fall semester and COVID-19 continues to spread, college and university officials are met with a new challenge of detecting fake COVID-19 vaccination cards.

Suspect arrested after officer-involved shooting

The suspect then veered at the deputy as the suspect tried to hit the officer with his vehicle. Both WPD and NHCSO fired upon the suspect, striking him at least once.

Resort style rental property project proposed for the town of Navassa

A resort style rental community might be coming to the town of Navassa.