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Hidden behind large magnolia trees, you'll find a commanding Mediterranean-inspired home on this year's Azalea Festival Home Tour.

HISTORIC HOME TOUR: Register-Lawhorne House

One home on this year's Azalea Festival Home Tour has a number of "earth friendly" features.


This year's Azalea Festival Home Tour features a quaint craftsman-style bungalow.

HISTORIC HOME TOUR: Sutherland House

One two-story home featured on the 2018 North Carolina Azalea Festival Home Tour recently underwent a major renovation. 

HISTORIC HOME TOUR: Miles Costin House

The Miles Costin House was built in the early 1850's for Costin and his wife. Costin was a wealthy property owner, merchant, planter, Wilmington Town Commissioner, and slave owner.

HISTORIC HOME TOUR: Charles O. McNair House

The Charles O. McNair house was originally built in 1915 for Charles O. McNair, a wholesale grocer.

Historic Home Tour: 216 McRae Street

Imagine living in downtown Wilmington in the area's only row house.

Historic Home Tour: 701 Chestnut Street

This house on Chestnut Street is suspected to have been a gift to William Eckel from his mother sometime around 1882.

HISTORIC HOME TOUR: Frederick Willetts House

With a cemetery next door, the Frederick Willetts House tends to be quieter than most in the neighborhood. That's one reason the homeowners bought 219 N. 18th Street in Wilmington.

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