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You can't miss the Fox-Holden House at 109 North 9th Street. Why can't you miss it? Well, because it's pink, bubble-gum pink. The sweet color fits this cute house built in 1865.

HISTORIC HOME TOUR: The Brickhouse Cottage

videoTucked in-between two two-story homes, you'll find a sweet one-story house on the Azalea Festival Historic Home Tour. The Azalea Festival's website said around 1860, Captain Nathan Brickhouse built the cottage at 503 South Front Street with the full-width and inviting front porch.


videoThere's another colorful house on the Azalea Festival Historic Home Tour that's very typical of Wilmington. The house is located at 326 S. 4th Street in downtown Wilmington.

HISTORIC HOME TOUR: Martin Stover House

videoThe Azalea Festival Historic Home Tour features a cheery, and colorful house that, for a time, was not that way at all. Gay Adair said when she bought the Martin Stover house at 1813 Princess Street in Wilmington, it was close to being condemned. Now, you'd never know by looking at it.

HISTORIC HOME TOUR: Allen-Woodward House

videoThe Azalea Festival Historic Home tour takes you down Third Street in downtown Wilmington where there are gorgeous homes galore. According to the Azalea Festival's website, the Allen-Woodward home at 406 South Third street is inspired by Charleston-type homes.

HISTORIC HOME TOUR: Swinson-Dowe House

videoThe Azalea Festival Historic Home Tour features one of the first homes to be owned by an African-American in the immediate neighborhood. Irving Dowe, and his family moved in in 1969, but the Craftsman-style bungalow at 1609 Grace Street was built in 1914.


videoThe James Nutt house at 1802 Chestnut Street is the only English Cotswold Cottage in the Wilmington historic district, according to the Azalea Festival website.

HISTORIC HOME TOUR: William Cooke House

videoThe Azalea Festival home tour features a house that celebrates captains and seafaring. The Smiths said they have owned the Greek-revival cottage at 321 S. 4th Street in Wilmington for 25 years.

HISTORIC HOME TOUR: Alvy R. Hardwick House

videoThe Azalea Festival Historic home tour preview continues with a cute and quaint house at 102 Borden Avenue in Wilmington.

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