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HISTORIC HOME TOUR: MacRae-Willard House

videoThe Azalea Festival Historic Home tour takes you through some very old houses, like the one at 520 Orange Street in Wilmington.

HISTORIC HOME TOUR: Basilica Shrine of St. Mary

videoThe cavernous nave, colorful stained glass and intricate chandeliers of the Basilica Shrine of St. Mary offer visitors quite the experience.

Historic Home Tour: Elliott-Brown House

videoOn this weekend's Historic Home Tour, you can walk into a home that nearly did not make it to 2014. The Elliott-Brown House is a Queen Anne style home at 218 S. 2nd St. It was built in 1897 for Mary Taylor Elliott, who was the widow of a merchant.

Historic Home Tour: Parmele-Williams House

videoOn this year's Historic Home Tour, you will find a home that did not always stand at 213 N. 6th St. The Parmele-Williams House built in 1849 was saved by the Historic Wilmington Foundation and moved from N. 3rd St. in 1997.

Historic Home Tour: Neil McEachern House

videoThe Neil McEachern House at 214 N. 6th St. is certainly one of a kind, and it's part of this year's Historic Home Tour.

Historic Home Tour: Conrad Meister House

videoAmong the stops on this weekend's Historic Home Tour is a home built in that was part of Wilmington's first ever suburb. Built in 1916, the Conrad Meister House at 1915 Market St. was somewhat of a mystery until owners Brian York and Shane Fernando brought it back to life.

Historic Home Tour: J. Lowell White House

videoThe J. Lowell White Hhouse has unique charm and lots of history. This stop on this weekend's Historic Home Tour was built in 1925. Located at 318 N. 18th St., it has only changed hands three times since then.

Historic Home Tour: Williams-Belden House

videoAmong the homes on this year's Historic Home Tour is the Williams-Belden House, nestled on the corner of Cottage Lane and N. 4th Street.

Historic Home Tour: St. Stephen AME Church

videoSt. Stephen African Methodist Episcopal Church is just one of many stops on this year's Azalea Festival Home Tour. The church still serves as a center for worship and community events.

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