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Holden Beach pavilion unsafe

video The Jordan Boulevard Pavilion is closed until further notice after engineers discovered its pylons were leaning.

Former police officer convicted

A Brunswick County jury convicted a former Leland police officer today.

Holden Beach may be too sandy

Holden Beach town officials have an interesting conundrum. Some parts of the beach have too much sand. In order to comply with town and state regulations, homes on the beach front are supposed to have walkways...

Officers now set to patrol Holden Beach

There are a new set of wheels on Holden Beach. There will now be police officers patrolling the beach strand. They said they will be acting as a resource for the community helping with safety and enforcement.

Fight continues against beach erosion, coastal towns hope for terminal groins

videoIt is illegal to build in the state of North Carolina, but some coastal leaders say it may be the one thing that could slow down beach erosion. Holden Beach leaders say they need to build a terminal groin, and it is up to the state legislature to make that happen.

One woman’s trip to Holden Beach was anything but a vacation

videoA beach vacation is supposed to be a quiet escape from reality. For Julia Mittelberg, her visit to Holden Beach was anything but. The Illinois woman did not expect this.

Holden Beach officer charged with driving patrol car impaired

A Holden Beach police officer is being charged with a DWI while driving a patrol car. Lieutenant Kendal Smith was arrested Thursday night in Shallotte after police say his police car was speeding out of a Walgreens parking lot.

Woman rescued after near drowning at Holden Beach

A 49-year-old woman was in critical condition Sunday night after nearly drowning at Holden Beach. Holden Beach Police said at about 1:00 Sunday afternoon the woman was swimming at the east end of the beach, when she suffered some sort of heart problem.

Sunday Concert on the Coast in Holden Beach

videoIt is officially summer. That means it is peak season for the Sunday night Concert on the Coast series in Holden Beach. WWAY's John Rendleman weathered the heat, to see who was shagging underneath the Holden Beach Bridge.

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