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Horry Co. Attorney: Myrtle Beach has an ‘insatiable desire for money’

An attorney for Horry County says it was not illegal for Horry County to continue to collect the 1.5% hospitality fee and questions the City of Myrtle Beach’s understanding of the money, according to court filings.

Experts focus more on fire forecasting after historic Horry County blaze

4,000 Horry County residents were forced to evacuate due to a historic fire that happened 10 years ago.

Police: Driver charged with DUI after hitting Horry County school bus

 An Horry County school bus was involved in a wreck at Pine Drive and Ramsey Drive around 7 a.m. Friday, according to Lt. Jonathan Evans with Myrtle Beach Fire Rescue.

Horry County animal shelter searches for baby sheep owner

The Horry County Animal Care Center says a baby sheep was found in Conway and they need your help finding its owner.

Storm-lashed South Carolina reassesses global warming’s role

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — When he took the job 15 years ago, Horry County Emergency Manager Randy Webster figured his biggest disasters would be wind and surge rolling over his county's beaches, South Carolina's top tourist destination.

Horry County mom looking to create special needs-focused school

Like any other 8-year-old, Kenadi Watts boards the bus for school every day.

Shallotte woman accused of stealing ambulance from scene

A woman has been arrested and charged after an Horry County ambulance was stolen from the scene of a medical emergency. 

Deputies fired after driving van into floodwaters, killing two

A South Carolina sheriff's office has fired two deputies who drove a transport van into floodwaters, resulting in the death of two mental-health patients.

Family of patient who drowned in SC transport van speaks out

 Imagine waking up in the middle of the night because you hear your daughter screaming "help" and you can't do anything about it.

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