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Humpday Health: From a cancer diagnosis to the Boston Marathon

Shawn Wellersdick's journey into fitness started out just like anyone else.

Humpday Health: Living room workouts that mean business

There are a lot of reasons folks don't like going to the gym, but that's no excuse to skip your workout. So how can you kick the calories at home? Fitness instructor Amy McCauley crashed our living room workout to give us tips to making the most of exercising at home.

Humpday Health: Chiropractic heart health

When you think about heart health you probably think about your cardiologist, but they are not the only ones who can help you keep the muscle beating strong.

Humpday Health: Valentine’s Day treats that won’t ruin your diet

According to health expert Evonne Varady, Valentine's Day is typically one of the big pitfalls for folks looking to turn their health around in the new year. That's because we are tempted by all the chocolate and cake and wine.

Humpday Health: Kicking off National Heart Month

February is National Heart Month, so in February Humpday Health is going to focus on ways to keep your heart happy and healthy.

Humpday Health: Kitchen Detox

Diet and exercise go hand in hand when you're looking to make healthy changes, but without the right kind of food you might be wasting your time on the treadmill.

Humpday Health: New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions always sound like such a good idea on January 1, but they are hard to keep throughout the rest of the year.

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