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STORMTRACK 3: Igor weakens

Tropical Storm Igor has formed in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa near the Cape Verde Islands and should strengthen into a hurricane in the next several days. Get the latest updates on the tropics at Hurricanes 101

Hurricane Danielle suddenly weakens

Hurricane Danielle continues to churn the waters of the open Atlanitc. It has potential to become the season's first major hurricane in the coming days. Track the storm right now on our Hurricanes 101 page.

“Colin” now a tropical storm… again

"Colin" is now a tropical storm... again. Track the storm on WWAY's Hurricanes 101.

La Nina could mean bigger hurricane season

video We've all heard about El Nino before, but this year, it's all about La Nina. It's a lesser known phenomenon that can be just as powerful, and is playing a big role in this year's hurricane forecast.

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