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Hurricane Hunter in the eye of the storm

videoHurricanes are the largest storms on Earth and can be the most damaging. Yet, there are a group of scientists that fly right into the heart of the storm.

P3 Hurricane Hunter comes to Wilmington

Though not quite hurricane season, hurricane awareness is coming to the Port City in a big way. The P3 Orion Hurricane Hunter plane will be at Wilmington International Airport Thursday along with other exhibits.

Hurricane season approaching ‘weather’ you are ready or not

videoHurricane season is just around the corner. The season officially begins June first. What's in store for us?

Hurricane season wraps up as second most destructive on record

videoHurricane season may have been quiet around here, but it was actually a very active season. With $54 billion in damage, it was the second most destructive season on record behind only the 2005 season.

Preparations for Hanna

videoNow is the time to start making preparations should Hanna turn our way. Wondering where to begin? WWAY went home with an expert to find out.

WWAY’s Hurricane Forum was held Tuesday night

videoPeople who have weathered severe storms that have passed through our area came together last night to share their stories. It was part of a NewsChannel 3 sponsored hurricane forum at the Cape Fear Museum.

Boat preparations important for hurricane season

videoAs the peak of hurricane season approaches, experts say boat owners should prepare their boats now before it's too late. Captain Gregory Woodby works for Aquatic Safaris and Towboat U.S. He said, "A lot of times people are scrambling at the last minute to try to get their boat secure."

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