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Boombalatti’s ice cream shop to open downtown location

Boombalatti’s ice cream shop announced Tuesday the local brand would expand with a downtown location in the Brooklyn Arts District.
Local officals ready

Toddler drowns in grease pit at Alabama ice cream shop

The girl's body was pulled Saturday from an in-ground container used to trap cooking grease at Bruster's Real Ice Cream in Auburn.

Spunky squirrel goes viral, ice cream shop has ‘best summer ever’

After we told you about Putter back in April, the ice cream eating squirrel from Holden Beach has gotten a lot of attention. We decided to check back in and see how the summer season went.

SpaceX launches experiments, ice cream to space station

A SpaceX capsule rocketed to the International Space Station on Monday, carrying tons of science research, plus REAL ice cream.

Ice cream eating squirrel has babies, owners ask for names

There's some more big news about Putter, the ice cream eating squirrel down in Holden Beach who has now gotten world-wide attention since we aired a story about her last week.

Squirrel served daily ice cream cone at Holden Beach business

Fantasy Isle owners Scott and Pam Martin says putter first showed up last summer and hasn't left since.
Butterbeer Ice Creamvideo

Butterbeer ice cream hitting shelves for Harry Potter fans

A Pennsylvania ice cream maker is courting Harry Potter fans with a new flavor based on Hogwarts' favorite drink, "butterbeer."

Ben & Jerry’s moving forward with Vermont expansion plans

Ben & Jerry's says it is moving forward with plans to expand its manufacturing facility in St. Albans, Vermont.

Warmer winter boosts local ice cream business

The weather overall has been warmer than usual and that has one Wilmington ice cream shop seeing an influx in customers.

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