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Saturday, October 31, 2020
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Tag: Ilario Pantano

EX-GOP congressional candidate Pantano gets NC vets job

A former US Marine lieutenant who twice ran as a Republican for Congress will serve as the new director of the NC Division of Veterans Affairs.

ALIPAC endorses McIntyre, hopes Pantano supporters will follow

A political action committee known for its strong stance against illegal immigration is endorsing Rep. Mike McIntyre in his reelection bid.

Pantano endorses Rouzer

In a gracious concession statement, Ilario Pantano has endorsed his political rival David Rouzer as the Republican challenges eight-time incumbent Democrat Rep. Mike McIntyre for his seat in Congress.

THE RANT: Pantano pouts after AP calls race

I learned something interesting last night about former congressional candidate Ilario Pantano. Even though he's a war veteran, an author, a former Wall Street executive, a father, a husband, etc., etc., he doesn't deal well with losing.

Rouzer wins GOP House nomination; Pantano refuses to talk

State Sen. David Rouzer beat Ilario Pantano and Randy Crow in the GOP primary for the state's 7th Congressional District, but at least one of the men he beat isn't ready to accept the results.

ONLY ON 3: US House candidates battle over immigration ideals

video Pantano says Rouzer supports a form of amnesty and has betrayed the conservative cause. Rouzer says he does not support amnesty and calls Pantano a protectionist.

Supporters feel immigration ideals could change votes

With the primary election just a little more than a week away, campaigns are heating up. The two candidates battling for a chance to represent our area in the US House of Representatives have different opinions on many issues, including immigration law.

McIntyre builds warchest as Republicans battle in primary

Rep. Mike McIntyre has passed the $1 million mark as he raises money for his bid for reelection. Meanwhile his leading Republican challengers lag well behind in the money race.

Pantano, Rouzer tangle over immigration amnesty

Seventh District Congressional candidate Ilario Pantano is calling out his opponent state Sen. David Rouzer. Pantano held a news conference today to show video of Rouzer discussing his role in support of amnesty for illegal aliens. Pantano claims he has hounded Rouzer for six months trying to get him to admit the truth.

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Downtown restaurants to bring in outdoor heaters as weather cools down

The chill was in the air at Downtown Alive in Wilmington Friday night, but that didn't stop people from coming out. City Council is voting Wednesday on whether to extend the event until the end of November.

Three Bladen County schools to reopen after closure

Bladen County Schools is happy to announce that Bladenboro Middle, Dublin Primary, and East Arcadia Elementary will reopen and welcome students back into their classrooms on Monday, November 2.

Locals get ready for Halloween 2020

It's the spookiest night of the year. Well, almost--and this year will look a little different.

CDC is lifting cruise ban in US waters

If you're one of those people who have been eagerly awaiting the chance to take a cruise out of US ports, the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention released a bit of good news for you on Friday.