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Wallace couple sentenced to prison for fraudulent tax returns

A Wallace couple will spend several years behind pars for filing ffraudulent income tax returns.

Senate gives its final OK for 3 constitutional amendments

Legislation proposing three constitutional amendments on North Carolina's fall ballot has cleared the North Carolina Senate.

John Kasich releases partial tax returns for 7 years

Republican presidential hopeful John Kasich released his partial tax returns for the past several years on Saturday, joining Sens. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz among the GOP candidates to make public such personal financial records.

NC service taxes start Tuesday

A new tax in the state budget takes effect next week, and that could mean more and less in your pockets, depending on your job.

NC Democrats use tax deadline to criticize GOP Gov. McCrory

North Carolina Democrats are trying to link Gov. Pat McCrory and his legislative allies to the pain people filing state income tax returns may feel as the April 15 deadline approaches.

Report: NC among states most tied to income tax

A new report by the investment rating agency Standard & Poor's says the income gap is undermining public treasuries in North Carolina and other states.

New NC laws in new year alter campaigns, taxes

More than 20 laws take effect in the new year in North Carolina.

AP Factcheck: Many pay more under new NC tax laws

Gov. Pat McCrory and his Republican allies at the legislature have hammered home a simple message about the tax reform package they passed into law earlier this year.

State superintendent pushes income tax exemption for public school teachers

videoThe state's top educator wants to take some of the financial burden off North Carolina teachers. State Superintendent June Atkinson is urging lawmakers to consider exempting public school teachers from personal state income taxes.

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