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Bush: Troop level decisions to be made by military commanders

President Bush continues to say that he won't let Congress make the decisions about troop levels in Iraq.

Two N.C.-based Marines die in Iraq boat accident

Two North Carolina-based Marines have died from a non-hostile boat accident on the Euphrates River in Iraq.

N.C., Iraqi soldiers discover 24 emaciated orphans in Baghdad

Military officials say paratroopers from the 82nd Airborne and Iraqi soldiers found 24 severely malnourished children in a Baghdad orphanage -- some tied to their beds and too weak to stand.

Marines formally identify Iraq victim

The Defense Department has identified a Camp Lejeune Marine whose family said apparently was fatally shot while on guard duty.

Two Camp Lejeune Marines killed in Iraq

Two 21-year-old Marines based in North Carolina have died in Iraq.

Fort Bragg soldier killed while fighting in Iraq

A North Carolina-based soldier had died from injuries he suffered while fighting in Iraq.

Elementary students send letters to soldier in Iraq

Some Brunswick County students sent letters overseas to a soldier fighting in Iraq. Now, he's back home and meeting his young pen pals face to face for the first time.

Fort Bragg-based soldier from N.C. killed in Pakistan

An 82nd Airborne Division Major from North Carolina was killed in Pakistan this week.

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