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When can you expect your refund?

Whether you just filed, or did it weeks ago, you are probably wondering exactly when to expect your refund. There are several online resources to help with that.

Today is the day that many dread most

videoTax day is here and for some it is a day that's not welcomed. If you can't pay what you owe, don't panic, there are some solutions that can at least buy you some time.

IRS lists the 2009 Dirty Dozen tax scams

As the tax deadline draws near, taxpayers should be wary of scams. Tuesday, the IRS issued its 2009 Dirty Dozen list of tax scams.

Troubleshooters: Problem filing taxes

videoWith April 15th a little more than a month away, many of you are busy getting your tax returns ready for the IRS. A Brunswick County woman paid a tax preparer to do her returns, and did not catch a mistake they made until it was too late.

10,000 locals may be eligible for stimulus, not know it

The IRS says as many as 10,000 people in our area could still be eligible for an economic stimulus check and not know it.

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