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NC Marine pilot charged with indecent exposure

A pilot at the New River Marine Air Station has been charged with indecent exposure in Jacksonville.

Hundreds gather outside Lejeune to honor victims of Beirut bombing

video Nearly three decades later, the bombing of the Marine Corps barracks in Beirut, Lebanon, still lingers. October 23, 1983, was the deadliest day the Corps had seen since Iwo Jima. Hundreds gathered to remember that day and honor those they lost during a ceremony in Jacksonville.

NC fraud trial to begin for ex-ABC official

A former Alcoholic Beverage Control administrator is ready for his day in court.

Shops in NC military town fear off-limits list

Commanders at North Carolina military bases carry a big stick when they decide a business is preying on troops with money to spend.

Military towns lead NC in personal income growth

North Carolina's two largest military bases are providing the economic boost for personal pocketbooks in their hometowns.

Swansboro woman charged in house fire and burglary

A Swansboro woman has been accused of stealing guns, a guitar and fishing poles from a Stella residence and then setting the house on fire.

NC Marine division gets new commander

A career infantryman who's served at every level of the Marine Corps is taking over as commander of a North Carolina-based Marine division.

Lejeune Marine arrested in Jacksonville shooting

Jacksonville Police arrested 28-year-old Sgt. Michael S. Haridat for a shooting early Sunday morning outside of Las Maracas restaurant on Lejeune Boulevard.

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