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Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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Tag: Johnny Griffin

Warehouse and office space in demand as film industry booms in the Cape Fear

Wilmington is living up to its name as “Hollywood East” with more than a half dozen films currently in various stages of production.

Wilmington film industry booming, but lacking in extras

The film industry is breaking records in 2021, both in North Carolina as a whole and in Wilmington specifically. However, the industry is currently struggling in one area.

Cape Fear area leaders pushing for more grant money as film industry booms

The film industry is booming in the Cape Fear this year and now, some industry leaders are pushing to make sure the state's film grant does not run out.

Film productions line up for Wilmington as 2021 looks to be action packed

Our area has been known as "Hollywood East" for years now, and lately the action is bigger than it has been in ages. 

Wilmington film industry sees strong 2020 despite pandemic

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 has been a good year for the film industry in North Carolina and in Wilmington specifically.

Two new pilots on horizon for Wilmington film industry

The film industry is on an upward climb in the Cape Fear region. Two new pilots are reportedly in pre-production here in Wilmington.

‘Swamp Thing’ could spend $85 million in Wilmington area

Two television projects and a new independent film could spend upward of $100 million in the Port City this year -- and there’s a chance that figure could swell.

Film commission director says entire state benefits from thriving film industry

The film industry has been a mainstay in the Wilmington economy since the early 1980s churning out a number of feature films, TV series, independent productions and more.

Lights, camera, action! Could Hollywood East be back?

Wilmington is making a name on the call back sheet and film leaders are hopeful Hollywood East will become a star, again.

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Sunset Beach councilwoman resigns during meeting over ‘lack of transparency’ and ‘skewed ethics’

Sunset Beach Town Councilwoman Jan Harris dramatically announced her resignation from the council Tuesday morning effective immediately.

Video captures dozens of sharks feeding below Surf City pier

While we all know sharks live in the ocean, capturing a close encounter with them is a neat experience.

NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher adding new otters to exhibit

The North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher will soon expand its otter exhibit.