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Monday, January 25, 2021
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ONLY ON 3: As New Hanover Co. looks to make cuts, commissioners run up tab

video New Hanover County Commissioners are wrestling with a budget filled with cuts. But they may be guilty of not cutting back on their own spending. We requested recent travel expenses from several county commissioners who left the state on county business. The public records reveal $299 a night hotel stays, room service and golf gear.

THE RANT: New Hanover Co. goes from “financially strong” in February to $1.8 million in the hole in April. How???

Two months ago, Commission Chairman Jonathan Barfield said New Hanover County was "financially strong." Now Barfield says the county is almost $2 million in the hole and wants to raise property taxes. MR. BARFIELD, WHAT IS GOING ON?

UPDATE: Study Barfield cited on Gravely impact doesn’t exist

This morning on "The Big Talker FM," New Hanover County Commission Chairman Jonathan Barfield referenced an economic study the county did on the USS Gravely's visit. He said the commission used the study to help justify giving the commissioning committee $25,000 to help host their parties. Problem is, no one knows what study he's talking about.

Barfield hopes for commission harmony

With all of the drama and controversy surrounding the New Hanover County Commission, you might wonder if they will ever just get along. Tonight will be the first full County Commission meeting since all of last week's drama.

Less than 12 hours after gentlemen’s agreement, Berger lets loose with another critical post; Barfield praying for him

"All do respect, politicians with nice hair deferring to WID to make decisions hasn't worked out well for the County so I'd rather see the Board of Commissioners make a decision without letting WID drive the bus. Near as I can tell that's the best way to describe NHC policy on non-attainment." - Brian Berger

ONLY ON 3: Barfield on the record “loving” neighborhood schools

We found an email on the county server from New Hanover County Commission Chairman Jonathan Barfield to a constituent that says he supports neighborhood schools.

Commissioners continue to avoid media

video This has been a stressful and emotional week for New Hanover County Commissioners. An agenda briefing earlier this afternoon was the first time all five have been in a room together since County Commissioner Brian Berger's scathing email, bashing other commissioners.

ONLY ON 3: Commission chairman threatens New Hanover County school board members

video Jonathan Barfield is not a fan of neighborhood schools and some school board members say he's threatening their budget to get what he wants. School Board Member Janice Cavenaugh says she feels pressured by statements made by Barfield.

ONLY ON 3: Barfield too busy ironing shirt to talk about commission imploding

He said he was unavailable because he had several meetings and had "to iron a shirt." When we asked if we could e-mail him some questions to get some sort of response, he said, "I'd rather not e-mail. The e-mails go everywhere."

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