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COMMISSIONER BARFIELD vs. SCHOOL BOARD: Hayes says Barfield threatened him

New Hanover County School Board Chairman Don Hayes says County Commission Chairman Jonathan Barfield recently got in his face a threatened him about redistricting. Hayes says Barfield is now making good on that threat, trying to take control of the school board's budget.

ONLY ON 3: Commissioner Berger apparently enjoying perks of office; Updated with Berger’s...

When two county commissioners, from the same town, go to the same city to attend the same meeting, how many vehicles do you think they should take? And how long do you think they should keep them if they're owned by the county?

One day after garbage contract falls apart, New Hanover County wants to micro-manage school...

video The New Hanover County School Board Chairman got his toes stepped on this week by the newly appointed New Hanover County Commision Chairman.

Mr. Chairman, we’re flattered, but we don’t want to date

As New Hanover County Commission Chairman Jonathan Barfield wrapped up his State of the County address Monday night, he invited Wilmington media to partner with the county to showcase all of the great things it's doing for citizens.

Barfield refuses to raise property taxes during his first State of the County address

video We've heard the State of the Union, the State of the State and the State of the City. Now it's time for an update on New Hanover County.

New Hanover County Commissioner Berger hacks off fellow commissioners calling last minute news conference

video “First this is crap for a notice! 2 hours really?? I have a 1130 NHC meeting so I cannot attend. I would caution you to make sure you are speaking as an individual and not for the (County Commissioners) as I dont believe we took action on any of these issues." -- Jason Thompson to Brian Berger on calling a news conference without giving commissioners ample notice.

ONLY ON 3: So much for transparency; New Hanover County Commissioners able to...

videoWe discovered a disturbing loophole this week in New Hanover County policy that's allowing County Commissioners to conduct county business in secret on their county cell phone with no accountability.

ONLY ON 3: Barfield responds – Making cell phone records public is “going...

Even though the county bought commissioners the phone - and pays each $75 per month in tax payer money - and even though County Attorney Wanda Copely told us the county bought them the phones so they could conduct county business - since Barfield also uses the phone for personal business running his real estate company, he says turning over his records is "going too far."

ONLY ON 3: Commissioner Barfield threatens to remove Mayor Futch from Transportation Advisory...

"Walter, the games have got to stop, if you cannot control yourself, I request that the Leland Town Council appoint another member to take your place and then you can follow up all of your unfounded accusations as a citizen seeking answers."

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