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Budget cut plansvideo

Possible budget cuts to non-profit organizations in New Hanover county

A recent budget proposal could lead to thousands of dollars being taken out from their budgets.
UNCW Trackvideo

UNCW requests $800,000 from city, county to renovate track

UNCW is asking for $300,000 from the city and $500,000 from the county and in turn will open the track to the public.

New Hanover County receives donation for Naloxone kits

It is a gesture to help fight a growing crisis. The New Hanover County Board of Commissioners accepted a donation Monday afternoon aimed at reducing opioid overdoses across the Cape Fear.

New Hanover Co. Commissioner pushing to save Echo Farms

For more than eight months the group 'Save Echo Farms' has been pushing the City of Wilmington and New Hanover County to save their golf course and now they are getting some much needed help.

2 incumbent New Hanover commissioners sworn in

The New Hanover County Board of Commissioners met this morning and now, after a delay, the board is complete.

OPERATION GRIDLOCK: Why do transportation projects take so long?

Operation Gridlock continues tonight with answers on how exactly the transportation project process works.

Recount shows White, Barfield, and Kusek win New Hanover Co. Commission race

The New Hanover County recount is complete and the results show no changes in the outcome.

New Hanover County begins commission recount

Tonight, we will officially know the results of the New Hanover County Commissioner’s race, one month after the election.

New Hanover Co. Commission candidate requests recount following canvass

After a delayed canvass, the New Hanover County Commission race remains almost unchange

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