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Wednesday, March 3, 2021
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Tag: Kids

Local kids find love for golf…for free

The Wilmington Junior Golf Academy will hold a fundraiser March 7 to raise money for it's all-volunteer program. They give kids the opportunity to fall in love with a sport and develop important character traits.

Whiteville woman creates tray to catch all messes

A Whiteville woman who spends her time coming up with ways to make life easier for the average person has turned her latest idea into a patented invention.video

Child-friendly Valentine’s Day craft

video This inexpensive, fool-proof craft is fun for children and easy on your wallet; all it takes is crayons and something else you probably have at home.

Children discuss school safety

video Brunswick County students tell GMC anchor Ashley Jacobs they feel safe at school, even after hearing horrific details of the Sandy Hook tragedy and the kidnapping of 5-year-old Ethan in Alabama.

‘The Big Read’ celebrates literacy in Wilmington

video 'The Big Read' is a community wide effort to celebrate reading and re-introduce classic books to today's readers.

Finding balance with Stroller Strides

video Local moms find a away to balance children, social lives and fitness through Stroller Strides.

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Multiple people call 911 from inside Wilmington bowling alley during shooting

Several people called 911 from inside and outside Ten Pin Alley Friday night during a shooting.

‘I just remember hearing shot after shot:’ Ten Pin Alley shooting witness talks about frightening moments

The investigation continues into shots fired at a Wilmington bowling alley Friday night. And Wednesday, one anonymous witness spoke out about her terrifying experience.

Wilmington-based Bitty and Beau’s Coffee expands to two more states

 Bitty and Beau’s Coffee Shop has recently announced two more locations -- Bethlehem, PA and Auburn, AL.

Can you choose which COVID-19 vaccine you get? And other questions answered

Though vaccinations have been underway for a few months now, many still have questions about the process and the vaccines themselves.