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Community leaders hold forum for Leland residents

Leland residents got an inside look at their town from community leaders Tuesday night. The first Leland community forum was held at town hall. Residents heard reports from town officials, including the police chief and the public works director.

Remains of infant found buried in Leland backyard

videoThere was a gruesome discovery in the backyard of a Leland home Wednesday afternoon. Police uncovered the remains of a buried infant. Now, an investigation is underway to determine the cause of death and who, if anyone, will face arrest.

Exit ramp in Leland sees reduction for safety reasons

If you are driving to Leland, you may notice a slight change in your route. The Department of Transportation recently reduced the exit ramp to 17 South from Highway 421 near the battleship to one lane.

Leland Town Council talks budget

Thursday night, Leland's Town Council was briefed on the proposed budget for next fiscal year. The town will be working with $5.8 million, and needs to make an eight percent reduction compared to this year's budget.

OSHA concludes investigation of Leland Police Department

The word tonight from the Occupational Health and Safety Administration is that there are no serious safety problems at the Leland Police Department. OSHA wrapped up a recent investigation by writing up the department for one violation.

Law enforcement dog bites suspect as car is searched

A Brunswick County man was treated at the hospital Tuesday after being bitten by a law enforcement dog.

Leland development has town officials playing catch up

videoLeland has had developments pop up along Highway 17 for the last seven years bringing more homes and businesses along the way. Leland Mayor Walter Futch said growth in the area happened fast; so fast, the town had a difficult time catching up.

Leland Fire Department begins operations as an EMT provider

More emergency medical assistance is now available in Brunswick County. The fire chief said this addition will improve safety in Brunswick County.

Leland residents can now track crimes online

Leland Police launched the Crime Analysis Tool in early December in response to residents saying they wanted to be informed of crime happening in the area.

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