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Questions remain after lawsuit ends in Columbus County sheriff’s race

Who is the sheriff of Columbus County? It's been the million dollar question for the last few months.

County leader: Sheriff Jody Greene to take leave of absence as Hatcher ends lawsuit

The Columbus County Commisison chair tells WWAY that the county's attorney was informed Hatcher will dismiss his lawsuit over the election with prejudice as Sheriff Jody Greene will take a leave of absence from office.

Case for who is the rightful Columbus County Sheriff could be decided without trial

The depositions are expected to be seen by Wake County Superior Court judge A. Graham Shirley in Whiteville Friday.

Hatcher lawsuit to remain in Columbus County as bench trial

A Wake County Superior Court judge, not a jury, will decide the outcome of Lewis Hatcher's lawsuit seeking to be reinstated as Columbus County sheriff.

New date set for Columbus County sheriff race hearing

A judge heard arguments Friday morning about who should be the sheriff in Columbus County.

Hearing scheduled for Lewis Hatcher’s injunction

A hearing has been scheduled for former Columbus County Sheriff Lewis Hatcher's injunction filed January 4 arguing that he should still be sheriff.

Old Columbus County sheriff says judge should put him back in office

Another battle in an election still in question. Columbus County's former sheriff filed an injunction today arguing he should still be the sheriff.

SBOE: “By law, Lewis Hatcher is still Columbus County sheriff”

The State Board of Elections says today, Lewis Hatcher is still the sheriff of Columbus County, even as questions remain about what will happen next.

State BOE: Lewis Hatcher should still be Columbus Co. Sheriff

Another fallout from the scandal involving absentee ballots in last month's election.

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