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Sea turtle nest record broken on Bald Head Island

150 sea turtle nests have been laid so far on Bald Head Island smashing the previous record of 143 nests set in 1986. In addition to the 150 nests, there have been 236 false crawls, 75 unique individual sea turtles laying the nests, and 3 nests have hatched so far.

Loggerhead sea turtle nesting season begins on Georgia coast

Rare loggerhead sea turtles are laying eggs along the Georgia coast.

Local leaders want loggerhead turtles to be a state animal

Their buggy black eyes, wiggly flippers and fierce determination to reach the sea have charmed Cape Fear locals for generations. Now, the loggerhead turtle could soon become an official state symbol.

Loggerhead sea turtle found fatally injured, reward offered

A loggerhead sea turtle was found in southern Core Sound with a head injury so severe, it had to be euthanized.

Study: Sea turtle genes show navigation by magnetic fields

Research at the University of North Carolina shows genetic evidence supporting how loggerhead sea turtles use the Earth's magnetic fields to navigate back to the beaches where they were hatched.

Two sea turtles released after year long care at Fort Fisher aquarium

Two loggerhead sea turtles recently were released to the Atlantic Ocean after receiving care for more than a year at the N.C. Aquarium at Fort Fisher.

Volunteers report vandalism to Oak Island sea turtle nests

Oak Island Sea Turtle Protection Program has tallied more than 90 nests so far and are expecting a record season.

Sea turtles set new nesting records in Georgia, Florida

Sea turtles laying eggs on southeastern beaches have rebounded from a nesting slump last year.

Cape Hatteras breaks record for sea turtle nests

Officials have found a record number of sea turtle nests within the Cape Hatteras National Seashore this season.

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