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Wounded veteran honored at USS North Carolina with special wheelchair

Just one week until Thanksgiving and we have a wounded hero we can all be thankful for.

Marine pilots grounded amid investigation into phallic flight pattern

The Marine Corps has grounded two aviators who were involved in flying a phallic-shaped flight pattern over California last month.

Powerful image shows Braves fan holding umbrella for Marine Corps JROTC member

A photo from an Atlanta Braves game is going viral online. The photo did not capture the action of the game, but instead, a random act of kindness on Memorial Day.

International warriors reel in beach time before Marine Corps Trials

In Oak Island they're reeling in camaraderie, some fish and a lot of fun. Wounded warriors from all walks of life and from all parts of the world are in town.

Onslow County student wins Marine Military Child of the Year

An Onslow County high school freshman has won the 2018 Marine Corps Military Child of the Year Award.

Suspicious mail triggers illness at Virginia military base

Three people at a northern Virginia military base were transported to a medical facility Tuesday after a suspicious piece of mail was opened and nearly a dozen people felt ill.

Army: 60 hospitalizations, 2 deaths blamed on vaping oils

The U.S. Army is warning about the dangers of vaping synthetic cannabinoid oil after about 60 soldiers and Marines in North Carolina and 33 troops in Utah experienced serious medical problems in January.
McDowell family and marinesvideo

Families host Marines for Thanksgiving dinner

Marines from Camp Geiger came to Hoggard High School after volunteering for a very special Thanksgiving celebration: Marinesgiving.

‘I just used lethal force on an intruder’: 911 caller after Marine shot

We are getting a listen to 911 calls made that night a Marine was killed in downtown Wilmington over the weekend. One of the callers could have been the person responsible for the killing.

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