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Exceptional children’s teacher helps students with academic goals

Recently, we learned about an exceptional children's teacher who works hard to make sure her students stay on track with their academic goals.

‘Teacher of the Week’ shares her secret to relating with students

In some schools, disciplinary problems can inhibit learning, but in this week's Teacher of the Week, WWAY's Jeff Rivenbark visited a Brunswick County School where there's a strong emphasis on 'character building' and little room for disruptive behavior.

Teacher uses real-life problems to introduce math concepts to students

For many middle school students, formulas and theorems can be difficult to master but one Pender County teacher uses real-life problems to help her students understand the importance of learning math skills.

Teacher of the Week uses art to teach students about life

One Brunswick County art teacher draws upon her experience working at the 'happiest place on earth' to inspire kids in her classroom.

Bladen County teacher inspires students to success

Dr. Renee Steele teaches World History to 7th graders at Elizabethtown Middle School. On this day, they're learning about Johannes Gutenberg's printing press.

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