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Woman robs Maryland McDonald’s drive-thru, video goes viral

The woman captured on camera robbing a McDonald’s restaurant climbing through a drive-thru window has turned herself in on Thursday.

Police: Man pulls gun after being told Ohio McDonald’s was out of Egg McMuffins

Police in Ohio say they're looking for a man who pulled out a gun after being told by a McDonald's drive-thru worker there were no Egg McMuffin sandwiches available.

McDonald’s testing out new McVegan burger

The new veggie burger is a menu option for vegans and vegetarians. The McVegan is a 100% vegetable based hamburger made from soy.

Officer helps boy celebrate 8th birthday after no one picks him up from school

A Green Bay Police officer helps boy celebrate 8th birthday after no one picks him up from school.

Deputies: Man caught molesting 7-year-old gets beaten up, then arrested

A Pasco County man was arrested after being caught molesting a child in the parking lot of a McDonald’s, authorities say.

Police: McDonald’s manager sold drugs to undercover cop

The night manager at a Bronx McDonald's is under arrest, accused of selling drugs to an undercover police officer inside the franchise.
Officers at McDonaldsvideo

Coffee with a cop brings police and citizens together

Today is National Coffee With A Cop Day and some people in the Cape Fear enjoyed their morning brew with some officers.

National Coffee Day: Where to get a free or cheap cup of joe

Today is National Coffee Day, which means java lovers across the nation can score great deals on their cup of joe -- even getting it for free in some cases.

National Cheeseburger Day: Specials at Sonic, DQ and Burger King

National Cheeseburger Day is officially TODAY, September 18 and many restaurants are celebrating with deals, BOGO's and freebies!

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