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NC settles Medicaid fraud case against drug maker

North Carolina will reap almost $16 million from a national Medicaid fraud settlement involving one of the nation's largest drug makers.

NC isn’t set on Medicaid changes in US health law

While other Southern states already have drawn the line on the federal health care overhaul, North Carolina doesn't seem quite settled on whether to commit to insuring hundreds of thousands more people starting in 2014.

NC Senate spends less than House in budget changes

North Carolina state Senate leaders are taking a more cautious approach to proposed budget adjustments than the House by spending less and setting aside more money in reserve in case Medicaid costs get out of hand.

NC Medicaid gap fix given final legislative OK

The Legislature has given final approval to a method to close a shortfall in North Carolina's Medicaid program this year that also contains a provision to slow efforts to privatize medical services for prisoners.

Proposal unveiled to close NC Medicaid shortfall

It sounds like Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue's administration and Republican legislative leaders have a plan to close an estimated $150 million shortfall in Medicaid expected by the end of June.

NC deadline for personal care services pushed back

Gov. Bev Perdue's administration says federal Medicaid regulators have given the state an extension until the end of the year to comply fully with new requirements about personal care services.

Looming deadline could force thousands from assisted living facilities

video A deadline is looming that could force thousands of people living in adult care homes out on the streets. North Carolina has until April 30 to come up with a new way to distribute Medicaid payments to people living in group homes and private homes.

NC Medicaid contract scrutinized by auditors

State auditors are questioning how a contract to overhaul and operate the claims processing system for North Carolina's Medicaid program became bogged down with cost overruns and a nearly two-year delay.

Judge blocks NC personal care service rules

A federal judge has blocked North Carolina's Medicaid office from implementing rules for personal care services that a lawsuit contends has led more than 2,400 people to lose paid assistance at home for things like cooking, bathing and dressing.

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