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NC Medicaid shortfall debated by legislators

A Republican budget-writer says he doesn't envision large reimbursement rate cuts for doctors or eliminating optional medical services for North Carolina Medicaid patients to help close a projected $140 million shortfall this year.

NC misses mental illness deadline

North Carolina officials have missed a federal deadline for dealing with thousands of people with mental illness who live in adult care homes. And it has advocates worried patients may have nowhere to go besides emergency rooms, shelters or the street.

School counselor charged with murder faces federal charges

A Columbus County man already charged with murder now faces separate federal criminal charges. A federal grand jury indicted Michael Shawn Brown last week of 20 counts of wire fraud, two counts aggravated identity theft, two counts of arson and one count of making material false statements.

NC Medicaid committee hears options for extra cuts

North Carolina's Medicaid agency is preparing to slash services and payments beyond the nearly $360 million cut that state budget writers ordered this year.

NC Medicaid committee hears options for cuts

North Carolina's Medicaid agency is unveiling its ideas for about cutting payments to doctors and services for patients.

NC woman lobbies DC against Medicaid budget cuts

A North Carolina woman is hoping to lobby President Obama and Congress away from considering cuts to the Medicaid program that pays health care costs for the poor and disabled.

NC advocates sue for people with disabilities

North Carolina advocates for patients with developmental disabilities say more than 600 children and adults are losing critical Medicaid services because of how a managed care provider in the southern Piedmont is calculating levels of need.

Medicaid ‘optional’ services may be trimmed in NC

North Carolina's Medicaid recipients could see some of the services they've grown accustomed to no longer covered.

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